NYADP in the news…

Limits of Loyalty, a program which teaches k-12 students how to deal with problems of silence and violence is making big waves all over NY.  Check out the article below for more details!

Do the right thing for the greater good, brother of Unabomber tells Ithaca audience

Ithaca — David Kaczynski, known for turning in his brother Ted Kaczynski as the Unabomber, visited the State Theatre and Greater Ithaca Activities Center on Tuesday with a message for teenagers: speak up when someone is becoming violent or dangerous, even if it’s your friends or family.

Kaczynski was on a panel for a discussion called “The Limits of Loyalty” hosted by New Roots Charter School. Kaczynski and the other panelists discussed the importance of speaking up. Teenage students were the panel’s target audience.

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