Update on SNUG

SNUG – “guns” spelled backwards – is a community anti-violence program.

In the words of NYADP’s executive director, David Kaczynski: “For three years NYADP, in tandem with many concerned community members, has been beating a drum for community policing, for SNUG, and for similar programs designed to prevent retaliatory violence and overcome distrust between police and disaffected community members. We have presented panels at local schools on the theme of ‘The Limits to Loyalty’ (i.e. ‘snitching’/bystander behavior) to encourage young people to think long and hard about their values when it comes to taking a stand against destructive behavior in their schools and communities.”

The city of Albany managed to find $150,000 to keep this essential anti-violence program alive.

In these difficult times, it can be hard to find funding for anti-violence programs.  Yet the costs saved, both in dollars and human lives, of a program such as SNUG, make them essential to both long-term cost saving mechanisms in law enforcement.  It is a means to spead the message of nonviolence and peaceful resolution throughout troubled communities and to combat crime by fighting the causes of crime.